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We will test popular longevity supplements in head-to-head experiments to determine which ones have the best longevity effects. We will compare over the counter (OTC) supplements that cover all the major areas of longevity metabolism: e.g., Elysium’s Basis and ChromaDex’s TruNiagen (NAD+ metabolism), Rujevant’s LifeTabs (Alpha-Ketoglutarate), Tom Brady’s TB12 Perform supplement (a variety of natural products including Ashwagandha), Vitamin C, D, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Ketone Bodies, and Spermidine. We are open to test other supplements, so please feel free to suggest them in the comments. We will also compare these OTC supplements to the gold standard prescription longevity drugs, rapamycin and metformin.

Problem: Few rigorous studies exist on the longevity supplements people take. The companies who make these supplements might have done their own studies, but because the data is private we can’t know how well they worked or how safe they are. Also, they likely only tested their own products and didn’t compare them vs. their competitors’ products. Thus, many people take supplements that may not work. This wastes time and money and potentially even harms people’s health.

healthspan vs. lifespan

Solution: We will perform a full panel of healthspan and lifespan measurements in mice on many of the most popular health-promoting supplements. Animals are valuable for longevity research because they are bred to be genetically highly similar to each other especially in comparison to humans. This genetic similarity is important because it makes the results more consistent, such that reliable conclusions are more likely to be drawn from them. Thus, we are addressing the problem of the lack of rigorous studies in humans by using a more controlled experimental model system. The mouse healthspan toolbox we’ll use was assembled by leading longevity scientists including Dudley Lamming and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin. We will also measure the effects of the supplements on the well-validated epigenetic clock in human cells.

Who is the team behind Supplements Death Match?

Our team is led by Tim Peterson, Ph.D. and Sandeep Kumar, Ph.D. Dr. Peterson is an Assistant Professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in the Departments of Medicine and Genetics. “WashU” is a perennially top five medical school in the U.S. in terms of publishing and funding. Dr. Peterson did his Ph.D. at MIT where he published multiple papers in Nature, Science, and Cell journal on one of the major aging pathways, mTOR, and the drug, rapamycin, that targets it. Dr. Peterson did his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University where he continued his work on longevity drug mechanisms focusing on the most commonly used drugs for osteoporosis, bisphosphonates and diabetes, metformin. Dr. Kumar similarly has a deep background in aging research most notably performing several seminal lifespan studies in worms.

Conflict of Interest statement. Basis is owned by Elysium and TruNiagen is owned by ChromaDex. We have no affiliation with these or other products we’re testing.

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