Our group focuses on aging and mental health, two increasingly pressing quality of life issues. Current projects include:

The 10X Lifespan Project: The leading anti-aging strategy, manipulating the cellular insulin/mTOR pathway, causes a 0.1X lifespan extension. In addition to quantitatively modestly extending life, it is unclear whether it is a qualitative improvement. We aim for a 10X extension of healthy living. This project is discipline agnostic, meaning we are considering theoretical, organismal, societal, and environmental approach.

A Molecular Diagnostic for Mood: Mental health professionals lack a rigorous diagnostic tool like physicians have with glucose, cholesterol, and cell number measurements for Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and Cancer, respectively. We aim to change that.

Disruptive Innovation of Blockbuster Drugs: Blockbuster drugs like the SSRIs/Lithium (Depression/Bipolar Disorder), Statins (CVD), Bisphosphonates (bone-involving diseases like Osteoporosis), and the Biguanides (Diabetes) are incumbent medicines that often have numerous reasons not to use them: they can have considerable side effects, simply not work well, and be expensive. We employ multiple technologies: CRISPR and other genetics, metabolic, computational systems approaches to identify targets for high-impact areas such as Osteoporosis and Depression/Bipolar Disorder. We have identified new targets for the Bisphosphonates and Lithium and are elucidating their biology.